An updated, third edition is complete  and is available in a bundle with "The Wasted Hack"

The Second Edition is in full color, and features an additional "Beast Modification Table (for a total of 3) as well as a bonus Character Class for use with "The Wasted Hack".


Shattered Pike Studio presents Waste-Land Beasts and How to Kill Them.

A Collection of 52 Beasts ranging from Human Raiders and Sludgemaids to Plasma Gorgons and Ratling Murderers for use with "The Black Hack" by David Black, and other RPG's made with "The Black Hack". 

Inside you will find:

- 51 Pages and 52 "Monsters.

-Irradiated Ants, BloodHawks, Boogens, Creeping Doom, Crystaline, Dark Cultists, Fallen Deaders, Fungoids, Fungoid Princesses, Gangers and their leaders, Asphalt Golems, Roach Golems, Sand Golems, Sewage Golems, Guards, HumpSkinks, Infected, Kevlar Cadavers, Killer Locusts, Litches, Lizard-Folk, Mongrels, MuckDragons, Alpha Mutants, Mutant Thinkers, Mutant Freaks, Typical Mutants, Neomorts, Plasma Gorgons, PurgeBots, Pyro Skulls, Raiders, Ratlings, Ratling Murderers, Ravens, Scientist Prowlers, Scimmia, Sentry Bots, SludgeMaids, SnakeDragons, Soldiers, Hanging Trees, UnderDwellwers, WarHounds, Robot WarHounds, Wild Packs, Math Wizards, ZipLine Cannibals, Scrub Yetis, Zombies, and Zombie Bikers.

- Creature Illustrations, now in full color in the second edition.

- Quick Use Tables with creatures listed by power level and "one cell" summaries of their powers and abilities.

- 3 Customization tables with "Descriptor Tags" to further modify the creatures in the book.

- Most creatures have listed weaknesses that can help take them down.

- Fully Indexed and linked table of contents.

- Bonus Character Class: The "Beast-Hunter"

- Printable Monster Cards!


Robotic Warhound from Shattered Pike Studio Role Playing Games.
Reworked color image from the
2nd edition update

WarHound, Robotic
Mechanical versions of WarHounds with all the strengths, and none of the weaknesses. Robotic WarHounds are highly sought after and very valuable.

HD: 4(16) [robot]

Actions and Specials:
If hit by Robotic Warhound, Test STRENGTH or be thrashed about for d6 damage each Moment. Robot Warhounds as “companions” are considered Marvelous Items. At 1000 credits, they are prohibitively  expensive.

[[Contents of this box are designated Open Game Content]]

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