"True Tales of a Snail- Town Slave" is a prequel to the forthcoming adventure "The Trouble With Gerald", a level one adventure for use with "The Wasted Hack".

The interactive adventure  was created using Inklewriter by Inkle Studios.

The format allows for adding tags, tracking values, and placing conditions on available options. This allows for simulating combat in the story by tracking hit points, and giving attack options that approximate the percentage chance of rolling under an ability score.


A Dexterity of 16 would grant a 75% chance of success to attacks with a ranged weapon or to dodge a ranged attack, so three out of four "which-way" choices will result in success, with the ability to use a luck point until it is spent. I was even able to track armor points.

Choices made and story outcomes generate a code that can be used to shape the story and the setting of "The Trouble With Gerald", a beginning adventure for "The Wasted Hack" that will be available soon.