A fantasy adventure designed for

10 year olds of all ages!

Beginner's Luck



"Beginner's Luck" is a short adventure/ side project I have been involved in over the last week. It began with my son and a group of his ten year old friends getting together to role play for the first time at one of the boy's houses.


I could not be there, but I partnered with the dad who was going to serve as the Game Master, and set him up with The Black Hack, and also wrote this adventure with the kids in mind.  

"Beginner's Luck" is nearly finished, and is geared towards "Ten Year Olds of All Ages."  In addition to the audio files above, there are several printable elements to increase the engagement of the players, including geomorph dungeon tiles and treasure cards.

 "Feargus Surrenders" 

This track can be played  when the character's come face to face with Feargus at the end of the adventure. This recording features Feargus addressing the characters.

"Feargus the Drowned" 

This track can be played at the beginning of the adventure in an inn, tavern, or by a street musician to provide a useful clue for young players concerning a riddle that comes later in the Tomb of Feargus.