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"Enchanted Arms: A Collection of 60 Enchanted and Masterwork Weapons" is intended for use with The Black Hack 2E, but can be adapted for use with other systems.


The table of contents is bookmarked/ linked to the corresponding pages, and clicking on the lower right corner of any page will return to the table of contents.

- 41 Axes, Hammers, Swords, Maces, Daggers, Staves,     Bows, Thrown and Unusual Weapons!

- 15 Arrows, Bolts, and slingstones including Orcish         Rotters, Elvish Clippers, Jar Lickers, Mollywhoppers,     Gnarled Bleeders, Hate Seekers, and more!

- 13 Rules variants for the Warrior Class "Dealer of           Death" ability and standard weapons such as                 "proofed armour", parrying daggers, and more!

- 26 Additional Effects for magic weapons!

- 4 Haunted Blades: Intelligent weapons with tragic        histories and unique powers!

- Bonus Monster: Ratlings including Skulker, Stabber,

   Pack Master, and Dire Rate variants

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